Ways to Lose Your Customers

I try to make daily choices to be positive, and encourage (and train) others to do the same. This includes how we perceive situations, the language we use, the types of feelings we try to empower (positive versus defeating), and our mental talk. There are times however, when I think great learning can come from […]

Custom Pools Vs Stock Pools – A Comparison

Are you looking for a unique pool design that will really stand out in your neighborhood? Custom pools fit the bill. Unlike stock designs that are cookie-cutter in appearance and look like everyone else’s on the block, custom designs offer much more flexibility in design that allows you to let your creative juices flow; you […]

Different Living Arrangements Available For Retirees

The number of older Americans living longer is increasing meaning that the population of people over the age of 65 is the greatest it has ever been in history. With so many of these people facing retirement, the options for where they want to live are endless. This article will explore some of the different […]

Pool Cue Racks, Keep it Neat and Tidy

Where do you park your pool cue when you aren’t playing? Well leaving it on top of the pool table is an option but not really an option when you have a few of them, much better to get yourself a pool cue rack. These come in a variety of forms from the simple straight […]

Focus on the Soft Skills – The Clear Formula For Excellent Customer Service

World-class customer service undermines a company’s long term survival, especially in today’s service oriented economy. Not surprisingly, a study by The Forum Corporation showed that 65% of customers switch providers because of inferior quality of customer service. A company may have excellent products and a well trained technical staff but if it fails to provide […]

Bang for the Buck With Mobile Coupons

Mobile has emerged on the scene faster than any other new medium over the past 90 years and mobile coupons are the category to watch, according Borrell Associate’s “2010 Local Mobile Advertising & Promotions Forecast,” (Mobile Commerce Daily newsletter, April 2010). A recent survey of over 2,250 U.S. adult Internet users, conducted by Harris Interactive, […]

What is a Customer?

Do you know what a customer is? Did you know that the base of the word customer is actually custom? It actually is derived from the habits of people that make it a habit to make frequent visits to a store. In my mind, there are two different kinds of customers – an internal customer […]

5 Travel Tips for Easier and Enjoyable Travel

I reckon travelling abroad is without doubt one of the most exciting things we can experience in life. When I travel my sight, smell, taste, touch and hearing are all receptors of amazing and exceptional differences to my "normal" day-to-day living creating euphoric and fantasising thoughts for the moment and the future. I can not […]

Harley Davidson Billiards Products

The Harley name was born from roadside pubs and pool halls and it’s only fitting that the legendary brand name is emblazoned on an entire collection of billiards products. The classic Harley billiards collection features well-designed, high quality pool playing products including pool cues, billiard table covers, ball racks, spectator chairs, ball sets and billiard […]

What You Should Know About Manual Vs Laser Cheques

Manual vs laser cheques is a decision that has to be made when ordering checks. Laser checks could be imprinted from your printer. The accounting software program you’re using will determine how many of these you’ll be able to print at any given time. Selecting the best style of company checks for your small business […]