Airbus project Vahana shows how to hail an autonomous flying taxi

Hailing a flying taxi will someday be as easy as pulling out your phone and pressing a button.  That’s the future presented by a number of vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) aircraft projects, and major transportation movers and shakers, most notably Uber and its partners, have outlined plans to take the ride hailing services currently […]

Uber wants to make flying cars cheaper than owning a regular one

Your future Uber is here.Image: Shutterstock / Costazzurra By Yvette Tan2017-04-07 09:51:17 UTC Could flying around in an aircraft one day be cheaper than owning your own car? Uber thinks so. The ride-sharing giant says it hopes for Uber Elevate, its new “on demand air transportation” system — basically flying cars — to get to […]