Elon Musk’s Father’s Day was all sci-fi and tech, of course

Like many dads around the world, Elon Musk is spending his Father’s Day making bad dad jokes and receiving the gift wrapped fruits of being a good parent.  First, Musk took to Twitter to let his kids (who must be sci-fi fans, too) know that he’s not just a space and electric car mogul, he’s […]

Tech that only took 40 years to do better than ‘Star Wars’

“Star Wars is not science fiction” is one of those arguments that gets trotted out a lot, and it’s fundamentally true — but tell that to a 4-year-old kid who’s just seen the original George Lucas film in a theater in 1977.  Because that kid is marching straight home to pretend to use a lightsaber, […]

‘Star Wars’ is clearly the best way for Google to show off a new tool

Google knows just how to get our attention about one of its new developer tools: Star Wars. Always use Star Wars. The above video shows off an awesome VR reel that was created by Lucasfilm’s ILMxLAB using Google’s new Seurat rendering tool. The tool helps create what Google calls, “cinematic realism in VR.” Seurat’s strength […]

Android Pay promotion gives users special Star Wars animations

Android Pay is  taking your purchases out of this world for Star Wars Day.Image: lili sams/mashable By Brett Williams2017-05-04 22:35:05 UTC In honor of this the most holy of holidays, May the Fourth (aka Star Wars Day), Google’s Android Pay is transporting customers to a galaxy far, far away every time they make a purchase.  […]

This Star Wars-like flying car is everyone's dream come true

This is different from other ultralight personal aircrafts – it could be the first commercially available hovercraft by the end of this year. It’s designed to be so user-friendly and safe. You won’t even need a pilot’s license before jump on board. Read more… More about Mashable Video, Star Wars, Flying Car, Standalone Featured, and […]

The Last Jedi’ will be brought into virtual reality

The winners of Hollywood’s growing move to virtual reality will be the hardware and software companies that strike deals with major studios, like Nokia, which announced it will film Star Wars VR content. Announced on Monday, the multi-year deal pairs the studios behind Star Wars—Disney and Lucasfilm—with Nokia’s new OZO VR camera. “Utilizing the Nokia […]

Ridiculous attack ad blasts congressional candidate dressed as Han Solo

Han Solo? No, that’s just Jon Ossoff.Image: AP/REX/Shutterstock By Colin Daileda2017-03-01 23:43:38 UTC I’m not saying I’d vote for Han Solo, I’m just saying I’d hear him out.  The United States of America just elected an aging reality TV star to the presidency, yet a Republican-backed super PAC believes constituents in Georgia will be startled […]