Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8 details leaked in full

Samsung’s Galaxy S8 is easily the sexiest looking phone on the planet with its curved edge-to-edge screen, but the best has yet to come. The Galaxy Note 8, the successor to last year’s unfortunate explosion-prone Note 7, is expected to launch sometime in September — just in time to rumble with Apple’s iPhone 8. And […]

The Punkt MP01 dumphone could inspire a feature phone comeback

Walk down the sidewalk of any major city and it’s likely you’ll see the same exact scene: Masses of people staring down at their phones instead of interacting with other living, breathing humans. At some point, after the smartphone became an essential part of our lives, push notifications and news feeds have commanded more and […]

OnePlus 5 unveiled: Here’s how to watch

There’s been an awakening. Can you feel it? I’m not talking about a new Star Wars trailer, but the OnePlus 5. The OnePlus 5 is one of the most anticipated phones of the year. The startup’s expected to blow the roof off this year and go all the way with its latest flagship.  But will […]

Uber will pay drivers extra to put up with annoying teenagers

Just some teens out for a ride.Image: Daniel Grill/Getty Images/Tetra images RF By Jack Morse2017-06-20 20:18:44 UTC Hey there, loyal Uber driver! Feel like picking up some passengers today? Great! How about some rascally teenagers?  No? Oh, well, hmm, what if we paid you $2 more? Buried in the June 20 announcement that Uber will […]

6 reasons why the OnePlus 5 is the Android phone to get

The long-awaited OnePlus 5 is here. And. It. Is. Glorious. The OnePlus 5 is what you get when take a Google Pixel XL and marry it to the iPhone 7 Plus’s dual cameras.  It’s the perfect phone for anyone who loves Android and wants the iPhone 7 Plus’s cameras, and hates iOS. The OnePlus 5 […]

Don’t forget to tune into the OnePlus live launch (Paid Content By OnePlus5)

At 12 pm EDT, OnePlus co-founder, Carl Pei — along with a number of OnePlus team members who were closely involved in the making of the new OnePlus 5 — will take the stage for the OnePlus launch live event.     Audiences around the world can tune in to watch the release of the OnePlus […]

A Google Pixel and iPhone 7 Plus rolled into one

I really want to stop calling OnePlus the “startup you’ve probably never heard of that’s making kick-ass phones” but sadly they still aren’t ready to outgrow that status. Not that the company cares that it’s still seen as the underdog in the increasingly saturated smartphone world. In fact, the metaphor that OnePlus is David and […]

Why banning the sale of smartphones to kids is a bad idea

Kids and their smartphones … amirite?  Parents around the world are acutely aware that once a child gets his or her tiny hands on a cellphone, it’s practically impossible to pry those sticky little fingers free. And, we’re told, this is unhealthy and bad.  So what if we made it illegal? This is the thinking […]

Beat the summer heat with a pet-like cooler that follows you around

Two engineers of Hacker House created an autonomous ‘Follow Me Cooler‘ that you can DIY. It uses Bluetooth to create GPS coordinates so it can follow you around or make its way to a friend across the park. If you’re up for the challenge, you can build one of these yourself. It requires an Arduino […]

Why you should be excited about the upcoming launch of OnePlus 5 (Paid Content By OnePlus5)

Clear your calendars and cancel your plans: The OnePlus launch event is coming to you live!     On June 20 at 12:00 PM EDT, viewers can tune in to the live and participate in a number of pop-up events all over the world — all in anticipation for the release of the new OnePlus 5. […]