Use your phone to order a private toilet with Charmin Van-GO

New York City has a big problem: there aren’t many clean, reliable bathrooms available. If you need to pop off the busy streets for a pitstop, you probably won’t find a free toilet — and even the ones you pay for are more than likely gonna be icky.   But we live in a time […]

Uber will pay drivers extra to put up with annoying teenagers

Just some teens out for a ride.Image: Daniel Grill/Getty Images/Tetra images RF By Jack Morse2017-06-20 20:18:44 UTC Hey there, loyal Uber driver! Feel like picking up some passengers today? Great! How about some rascally teenagers?  No? Oh, well, hmm, what if we paid you $2 more? Buried in the June 20 announcement that Uber will […]

Dubai’s autonomous flying taxis will take flight later this year

The “Future City” is about to add another space-age service you won’t find anywhere else in the world: autonomous passenger drones.  Dubai’s much-hyped autonomous aerial taxi (AAT) service, which made waves back in February when it was announced as part of its World Government Summit, is finally, officially on track. The city’s Roads and Transport […]

Airbus project Vahana shows how to hail an autonomous flying taxi

Hailing a flying taxi will someday be as easy as pulling out your phone and pressing a button.  That’s the future presented by a number of vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) aircraft projects, and major transportation movers and shakers, most notably Uber and its partners, have outlined plans to take the ride hailing services currently […]

Is hashtag activism a farce, or a force?

It was that moment in time, right after Uber CEO Travis Kalanick had defended his choice to be on President Trump’s business advisory council which inspired this tweet:  It wasn’t the first time the #DeleteUber hashtag was used—but it was one of the first tweets that looked like it could fuel a movement. Then, Uber […]

Daimler and Bosch announce alliance to develop self-driving cars

Look out, Uber: Mercedez-Benz is working with a new partner to fill future city streets with autonomous robo-taxis. Daimler, the parent company of Mercedes-Benz, has teamed up with major automotive supplier Bosch for the latest big-name partnership in the self-driving car game. The two companies will work together in a “development alliance” with the goal […]

Uber update allows riders to edit their pickup location

You’ll never have to run to catch your ride again.Image: lili sams/mashable By Brett Williams2017-03-30 15:28:22 UTC It’s ridiculous, really, that there’s anything to complain about ride-hailing apps that give us the power to summon our own personal chariots directly to our front doors—but hey, the system ain’t perfect.  And one glaring imperfection? Wonky pickup […]

Is that Bulbasaur on wheels? Nope, it’s Volkswagen’s new concept car.

You’re seeing it too, right?Image: The volkswagen group By Brett Williams2017-03-07 01:07:32 UTC If you’re a fan of Pokémon, you just might see a familiar face in Volkswagen’s first fully autonomous concept vehicle. The ride is called Sedric (as in self-driving car), and let’s be real, it looks like Bulbasaur with those wide-spaced “eyes.” And […]