The deck of cards has been reinvented

The makers of Air Deck playing cards wanted to optimize a convenient deck for travel. The slim, stylish cards are also super durable, boasting a tear-resistant and waterproof material. Read more… More about Games, Design, Card Games, Game, and Magic Source link

Feed all your senses in this newly designed interactive restaurant

Michelle Yan about 15 hours ago ‘Sagaya‘ restaurant in Tokyo, Japan partnered with teamLab to create an interactive dining experience.  Customers can watch their food come alive right before their eyes. When a dish is served, the magic unleashes. You can see flowers blooming and butterflies and birds flying by.  It’s the ultimate dining experience. […]

This magician can effortlessly control 8 drones at once — or can he?

Is it possible to create illusions in a world where technology makes anything possible? It’s the question tech-magician Marco Tempest asks and answers in his mesmerizing mini-drone swarm video. Tempest, who has been making magic with everything from Apple iPads to robots for years, took eight $120 Parrot drones and some technology from Dronsis to […]