Google posts Financial Times op-ed outlining YouTube plans to combat terrorism

Image: Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images By Adario Strange2017-06-18 22:05:14 UTC Following a wave of terrorist attacks in the UK in recent months, Google’s senior vice-president and general counsel, Kent Walker, used one of the leading publications in the country to outline a plan to combat the use by terrorists of Google’s tools.  On Sunday, Walker […]

You can draw electrical wires with this cheap conductive paint

Bare Conductive is small studio in London that makes conductive viscous black paint. It’s carbon-based, which makes it quite affordable to experiment with. The studio has seen a growing community use its paint to make a variety of surfaces come to life. Their favorite? An artist used it to turn his paintings into musical instruments. […]

Google’s plans for their new London HQ are the most epically Google yet

Unsurprisingly, Google is thinking big.  After a long delay, the company has submitted plans for its proposed King’s Cross Campus in London, the first wholly owned and designed Google building outside the U.S.  The massive 11-story building will comprise 1 million square feet — longer than the Shard building is tall — and has been […]

Citymapper’s pop-up ‘smart bus’ aims to be the future of buses

Citymapper, a popular app used to navigate around London, is trialling a “smart bus” for two days around the city. On Tuesday and Wednesday, the app’s CMX1 green bus will run on “the Circulator,” described as an “experimental popup route” in central London, starting at Southwark through Blackfriars Bridge, Somerset House and South Bank.  The […]

A fleet of driverless cars will travel from London to Oxford in 2019

Britain is at the forefront of driverless vehicles technology with autonomous shuttles and self-driving cars being tested in the streets of London.  Now, the UK government has announced plans to have cars traveling autonomously from London to Oxford in 2019.  Driven, a consortium led by Oxbotica, received £8 million in funding from a total of […]

A driverless shuttle called Harry is coming to London and it’s low-key exciting

By Gianluca Mezzofiore, Video by Nikolay Nikolov2017-04-05 16:13:23 UTC They’re probably not as glamorous and spectacularly futuristic as self-driving cars, but autonomous shuttles have some interesting near-future applications that shouldn’t be easily dismissed.  As part of a public trial that will see 100 people travelling in a prototype driverless vehicle in Greenwich, London, we got […]

Pop-up exhibition turns poisoned air into ink to send a powerful message

If you live in a big city like London, then you might be aware that the air is slowly poisoning you. One of the biggest contributors to toxic emissions are vehicles. So an Indian startup is approaching the problem from the rear end. Literally. It blocks diesel emissions at the point of contact with the […]

This futuristic tiny home switches rooms by rotating like a washing machine

Nikolay Nikolov about 8 hours ago The Rotating House prototype is designed by British architect George Clarke. It weighs 3.5 tonnes and stands 14 feet tall. Clarke wanted to utilize every inch of the space, turning one room into four.  The floors can become walls which can become the ceiling, depending on the rotation of […]

‘Tinder for elites’ is coming to London because dating isn’t already hard enough

Just when you thought dating couldn’t get any harder, a super-exclusive dating app for the crème de la crème of “ambitious intellectuals” is about to land in London.  The League — which has been dubbed “Tinder for the elites” — claims to cater to “the intelligent, educated and ambitious” who are looking for a “‘power […]

Donald Trump lookalike caught on camera keying a car in London

Not the Donald Trump lookalike in the story.Image: Aaron P. Bernstein/Getty Images By Gianluca Mezzofiore2017-03-08 12:02:19 UTC Kay Hussain was tired of having her car keyed. So she set up a CCTV camera, in her house in London, to catch the perpetrator.  “I was confused, I couldn’t workout who would do something like that as […]