The deck of cards has been reinvented

The makers of Air Deck playing cards wanted to optimize a convenient deck for travel. The slim, stylish cards are also super durable, boasting a tear-resistant and waterproof material. Read more… More about Games, Design, Card Games, Game, and Magic Source link

An AI just beat ‘Ms. Pac-Man.’ We’re doomed.

Ms. Pac-Man was supposed to be the more difficult arcade game. But now it’s been laid low — like chess, Go, and poker before it — by artificial intelligence. Researchers with deep learning company Maluuba, which Microsoft acquired earlier this year, decided to tackle the deceptively simple arcade game after developing an unusual AI algorithm […]

Google’s new educational program will teach kids to fight hackers

It’s hard out there for a kid on the internet. Google gets that, and thinks it’s high time children start learning about the dangers of phishing, internet harassment, and other online safety and privacy issues. You know, normal kid stuff. The tech giant is introducing “,” a program designed to help children master the internet, […]

Graffiti your heart out without fear of arrest with this VR hack

Love the art crime cool of graffiti writing but hate the pesky getting arrested thing? We have a solution: virtual reality graffiti, complete with a spray can you can wield with none of the messy aerosol paint drips or lung-scarring fumes.  A group of developers called Master of Shapes took HTC Vive‘s new experimental VR […]