Turn your dog into a disco ball with this light up vest

The Disco Dog is a smartphone-controlled LED light vest that can keep your dog safe in the dark and also light up the party. Read more… More about Dogs, Animals, Pets, Light, and Animal Source link

Get the perfect photo of your dog every single time with this gadget

Flexy Paw is a smartphone attachment that anchors a treat above your lens, creating the perfect attention grabbing point for a pet. Users can get a professional photo with ease. Read more… More about Tech, Iphone, Dogs, Animals, and Pets Source link

Meet Lola, the talking AI mutt that prepares you to be a real pupper parent

The future of talking bots is here, and it goes by the name Lola. Okay, Lola won’t answer all of your general questions and set reminders like Alexa. But it could hint at talking bots to come that will focus on narrower, more specific tasks.  The AI mutt is meant to prepare people for dog […]

Yes, fidget spinners ‘are’ evil

It turns out that dogs (of course) know that fidget spinners are the work of the devil, and one brave Shiba Inu had no problem making her feelings known in a video posted on Instagram this week.  Nothing odd happens here other than the mere spinning of the popular time-wasting gadget, but Kiba the Shiba […]

Look out, Easter Bunny, this adorable Goldendoodle could put you out of a job

Cute doggy pics below, we promise.Image: Joe Raedle/Getty Images By Maria Gallucci2017-04-16 19:08:03 UTC Hey, Easter Bunny: you’ve been put on notice. Murphy the Goldendoodle is gunning for your gig as floppy-eared distributor of colorful eggs and springtime cheer. The brown-haired Goldendoodle — part golden retriever, part poodle — recently transformed a plastic cone collar […]

Obsess over your dog even more with this smart pet door

People who want to know everything about their pets have a powerful new tool.  SureFlap, based in the UK, already makes a line of products connected to pets’ implanted microchips. Now it’s putting out an app-enabled pet door for cats and small dogs.  It should be pretty straightforward to start tracking your pet with the […]

Adorable social media robot dog looks like Zuckerberg’s pup, natch

What if Mark Zuckerberg’s Internet-famous Puli, Beast, could fit in the palm of your hand and only bark or wag his adorable little tail when you get a Facebook like? That’s not a Facebook founder fever dream, it’s the reality of a new Kickstarter project for the world’s only social media robot dog: Soshee (short […]