Take your summer picnics to the next level with this portable grill

The ‘UNA Grill’ is a shoebox-sized charcoal grill that you can carry with you wherever you go. Read more… More about Food, Design, Portable, Coal, and Barbecue Source link

You can wear these shoes 10,125 different ways

‘KI ecobe’ has developed modular footwear that allows you to fully customize your shoes without adhesive. Read more… More about Design, Clothing, Shoes, Sneakers, and Sneaker Source link

This homemade thrill ride’s speed depends on how scared you are

When Daniel de Bruin was still a student, he designed the ‘Neurotransmitter 3000,’ a custom thrill ride controlled by fear. His friends, Bas Bakx and Pim Keunen, helped him develop sensors that gather the biometric data that instructs the swing on fast it should go. With the financial backing from STRP Festival in the Netherlands, […]

The deck of cards has been reinvented

The makers of Air Deck playing cards wanted to optimize a convenient deck for travel. The slim, stylish cards are also super durable, boasting a tear-resistant and waterproof material. Read more… More about Games, Design, Card Games, Game, and Magic Source link

Design anything your heart desires with these geometric building blocks

“Troxes” are triangular, origami-like building blocks made for all ages. Designed at the MIT Media Lab, their unique shape supposedly helps stretch the imagination and deepen spatial thinking. Read more… More about Design, Origami, Imagination, Real Time, and Legos Source link

This cutting board has a built-in knife so you can chop like a pro

Spéciale combines a cutting board and Damascus knife to take chopping to a whole new level. Read more… More about Tech, Food, Design, Cutting Board, and Knife Source link

Is Apple’s HomePod a blatant ripoff of this startup’s smart speaker?

Apple’s newly-announced HomePod speaker looked familiar, but we couldn’t quite put a finger on it. Until this morning, when an email from Whyd CEO Gilles Poupardin came through, with a single sentence: “Hey Raymond – looks like you nailed it ..” The email came along with a screenshot of an article we published last year—about […]

The future of Nike design looks amazing in this concept video

With all the amazing real tech entering our lives, concept videos are becoming passé— that is, unless the concept video uses existing innovations that simply haven’t been combined yet.  That’s the gist of a new video originally conceived by Nike and posted by Dell a few days ago showing off how designers might use augmented […]

This bioprinter is able to create almost anything in a giant tub of goo

3D printing is slow, builds from the bottom up and is limited in both material and output.  But a technique developed by MIT’s Self-Assembly Lab, called ‘Rapid Liquid Printing,’ overcomes all those obstacles. Read more… More about Tech, Technology, Design, 3d, and Furniture Source link

This provocative concept car contains private pods for each passenger

The future is as unpredictable as ever, and to imagine even the slightest of its contours requires thinking outside the box. Design company IDEO has created a provocative concept vehicle for that future, where the autonomous car becomes a public resource and becomes a constantly flowing catalyst of change in cities.  Source link