Sick of censoring content, China bans livestreaming altogether

Image: Andy Wong/AP/REX/Shutterstock By Yvette Tan2017-06-23 06:19:19 -0400 Chinese authorities have sent shockwaves through the social media sphere, with a blanket ban on livestreaming across three major online platforms. On Thursday, the government ordered Weibo, iFeng and ACFUN to stop all its video and audio streaming services, according to an FT report. Weibo, China’s version […]

Someone spent 2 years painstakingly replicating China’s Forbidden City in ‘Minecraft’

Okay, that’s dedication. A small team of Minecraft users have spent more than two years building a virtual model of China’s Forbidden City. The effort eventually came down to two guys labouring over the course of over two years, to lay down billions of bricks to eventually recreate the 600-year-old UNESCO World Heritage site. The […]

For $28, you can hack into a stranger’s internet-enabled webcam

Image: Shutterstock / Leonid Eremeychuk By Yi Shu Ng2017-06-19 10:39:20 UTC If you have an web-connected camera, you should change your password ASAP. For just 188 yuan ($28), you can buy software that would allow you to hack into connected cameras, Chinese state broadcaster CCTV warns.  Such software can easily scan for and access vulnerable […]

Want to become a social media celeb? There’s a college degree for that

Wanna become an Instagram star? Now, you can get a formal education for that. A university in China is offering courses that are meant to equip students with the skills they need for online fame. From make-up classes, catwalk practice to dance performances, the Yiwu Industrial and Commercial College (YWICC) near Shanghai says it knows […]

Forget driving to the supermarket, this one wants to come to you instead

You’ve just come back from a night out, you’re tired, thirsty and desperately in need of a snack. You pull out your phone, click a button — and a grocery store pulls up in front of you. That’s essentially the concept behind Moby Mart, an autonomous, self-driving grocery store on wheels. The firm behind it […]

Huge click farm discovered in Thailand

Click farms are used to generate fake hype on social media and other online platforms.Image: lili sams/mashable By Molly Sequin2017-06-13 17:06:32 -0400 Click farms — where low-paid workers are paid to spend their days clicking on content — have become a problem across the globe. Sometimes these farms manifest as rooms with hundreds if not […]

Even an AI machine couldn’t ace China’s super tough college entrance exam

An AI machine that sat the math paper for China’s college entrance exam has failed to prove it’s better than its human competition. AI-Maths, a machine made of 11 servers, three years in the making, joined almost 10 million high schoolers last week, in sitting for the country’s national exam. AI-Maths scored 105 points out […]

High-tech masks filters out air pollution, viruses and bacteria

Cambridge Mask Company has developed a military grade filtration technology in its masks that purifies the air you breathe through it. It filters out air pollutants and over 99% of viruses and bacteria.  Their new smart mask, which tells you when you need to wear it, has just launched a Kickstarter campaign. Source link

Popular Chinese lesbian dating app, Rela, suddenly goes offline

Rela (热拉), a popular lesbian dating app from China, has suddenly gone dark. People are speculating that the app has been blocked by the country’s notorious content censors, after its participation in an LGBTQ awareness event in Shanghai recently. The app, which was launched in 2012, has around five million registered users, as a cached […]

Live out your Sailor Moon cosplay fantasies with her official phone and selfie-stick wand

Let your love for all things kawaii shine bright, with the official Sailor Moon phone and its matching wand selfie stick. The phone, by Chinese selfie app maker Meitu, is a limited edition of its latest M8 model — an upgrade of the T8, that was just released in February. Meitu’s app is one of […]